Privacy Policy

At Hyperborean, we care about your privacy. It is our policy to respect your privacy regarding all information that we collect to provide you with our services. This policy is provided to allow you to understand how we collect, disclose, and otherwise make use of your personal information.

  • We seek to gather individual data only with your informed, personal consent.
  • We seek to only gather the data necessary to provide you with the services we offer and will not sell your data or use it as a source of revenue.
  • Our game GeograVR utilizes several Oculus/Meta services in an effort to improve your game experience:
    • We request your username and link it to your achievements.  This allows us to populate leaderboards and track your progress through the game.  The leaderboard is viewable by others so data associated with your profile may be discovered through the leaderboard.
    • Depending on your user settings, Oculus/Meta may create a cloud backup of your game data to allow for progress recovery if you delete, reinstall your game, or upgrade to a new headset.
  • When legally required by law or judicial order, we may have to disclose your data to authorities in response to specific requests. We seek to reduce the likelihood and minimize the potential impact of such requests by collecting only the data needed to provide our services to you.

We may use third-party, aggregate data about app purchases and usage (provided by the digital marketplaces on which we sell our software) to make marketing decisions and plan future product releases.

This policy may be subject to occasional change at the sole discretion of Hyperborean. Any changes to the policy will be updated on this webpage. You are encouraged to check back periodically.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this policy or to request that your personal data be deleted, please contact us at